An A-Z of every guest that we have had join us on our podcast journey so far, with a brief bio or synopsis of the topics that we discussed with them. We would like to thank every one of them for helping make the show a success and for some truly fascinating conversations

Andy McGrillen - Host of 'That UFO Podcast' and member of UAP Media UK

Ben Walgate - Host of '401 Files' youtube channel focusing on Cryptids, wild camping and UFOs

Bill Nelson - Owner of the Zachariah Curtiss house, inhabited by a number of spirits

Carla Bogni-Kidd - Reincarnation and past lives

Craig Bryant - Author of 'Shadowman of Accrington' and host of 'Paranormal Pendle Podcast'

Daniel Jackson - Spirit Medium who has spirit guides including Jesus and Lucifer

Danny Moss - Paranormal investigator and host of 'Haunted Hunts' TV show

Dave Hodrien - BUFOG chairman specializing in Alien abductions and UFO investigation

Dave Partridge - Creator of 'Shadows of Your Mind' magazine and member of UAP Media UK

David Bettenhausen - Reincarnation and past lives

East Oxford Paranormal - Paranormal investigation group based in Wisconsin, USA

Eleanor Wagner - Author and Paranormal / Ghost Investigator

Frank Jones - Host of 'UFO Thinker' podcast

Gary Heseltine - ICER vice-president and Police UFO sightings database creator

Graeme Rendall - 'Foo Fighters of World War 2' author and member of UAP Media UK

Irena Scott - Author and former Defence Intelligence Agency official with Top Secret clearance

Jason Guillemette - Canadian UFO investigator and host of 'UAP Studies Podcast'

Jerry & Tracy Paulley - Hosts of the very popular US-based podcast 'Hillbilly Horror Stories' 

Jo Wood - Model, TV personality and host of 'Alien Nation' podcast

Jolene Lockwood - TV personality, medium and paranormal investigator

John Blackburn - Owner of The Anguished Man haunted painting and paranormal investigator

John Edmonds - Owner of Stardush Ranch in Arizona, which has a history of aliens and other strange creatures on the property

John Russell - Medium and paranormal investigator, who can communicate with humans and pets alike

Karen Frey - Medium, paranormal investigator with KEAP Paranormal and organiser of Festival of the Unexplained

Lori Rehfeldt - Retired US Air Force Major who had her own experiences at the Rendlesham joint airbases in 1980

Matt Paranormal - Paranormal investigator, TV show host and owner of the haunted "Annie" doll

Micky Crombie-Wilby - Creator of the Bigfoot Research Team UK, investigating reports of bigfoot in the UK

Mike Bee - Co-host of the 'Aliens & Stuff' youtube channel

Mike Earl - Recently discovered medium

Mikel Kameron - Experiencer with a lifetime of abduction and other occurrences

Nathaniel Gillis - Author and religious demonologist

Philip Kinsella - Authors, psychic medium and abduction experiencer

Richard Tomson - Creator and director of Swedish UFO crash series 'A Space Apart'

Sanjay R Singhal - Bigfoot investigator and experiencer from Illinois

Simon Mellor - Bigfoot hunter who has travelled the world in his search of the enigmatic creature

Spencer Woods - Co-host of the 'Aliens & Stuff' youtube channel

Steve Yarwood - UFO historian and host of 'The Unconventional Ufologist' youtube channel

Thomas Goodfellow - Working night shifts in stately homes and mansions

Tom Fraser - Co-host of the 'Aliens & Stuff' youtube channel

Windrush Valley - Paranormal investigation group from Oxfordshire, UK