John Edmonds

The controversial owner of Stardust Ranch in Arizona has been splitting the UFO community for over 20 years! We chatted with John for over an hour finding out all about the incredible events he and his wife have experienced since moving into the ranch in 1996. This is a must-listen interview - we guarantee that your mind will be blown!          

East Oxford Paranormal

We sat down for a chat with 5 members of the East Oxford Paranormal Society, based in Wisconsin, USA

As well as hearing them recall some fascinating, and creepy, personal stories, we talk about the techniques and equipment they use on their many investigations. Visit their Facebook page HERE

   Craig Bryant

We join "The Shadow Man of Accrington" author and paranormal researcher Craig, uncovering how and why he wanted to write his book following his own personal paranormal experiences and his desire to give others a platform to share their story.


He regales us with a number of unnerving true stories, mostly from the northwest of England. Visit his website HERE for more info and to purchase his book

Jason Guillemette

MUFON UFO Field Investigator and fellow podcast host Jason talks to us all about the UFO situation in Canada as we discuss recent news around the world and whether we are likely to get disclosure on the subject anytime soon.

Jason hosts the UAP Studies Podcast and can found on Facebook HERE 

Dave Hodrien

As chairman of the Birmingham UFO Group, Dave has personally investigated thousands of UFO sightings as well as hundreds of alleged "contact" cases involving alien abduction. Dave discusses a number of fascinating cases as well as explaining what the "screen memories" phenomena is. Also hear more about his upcoming venture, UFO Wave, a UFO focused tabletop card game! 

Karen Fray   &
Jo Jackson-Lockwood

We chat with Karen and Jolene, organisers of the Festival of the Unexplained paranormal festival, ahead of the January 2021 edition! 

They tell us all the hows and whys of the festival as well as their own past paranormal experiences and upcoming events!

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