Covering some fascinating areas including poltergeist activity and ghostly sightings, our Hauntings sections covers a wide number of cases from around the world

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Episode 4: Christmas true ghost stories

Episode 6: Dark Wisconsin w/ East Oxford Paranormal

Episode 9: Craig Bryant on haunted Lancashire

Episode 18: Paranormal Investigator Danny Moss

Episode 20: The Anguished Man with John Blackburn

Episode 23: Investigations with Windrush Valley

Episode 29: Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson

Episode 32: Can pets become spirits? w/ John Russell

Episode 37: The Enfield Poltergeist

Episode 39: Haunted dolls with Matt Paranormal

Episode 41: The Battersea Poltergeist

Episode 43: A chat with Hillbilly Horror Stories

Episode 44: The demons of the Zacariah Curtiss house

Episode 46: Haunted mansions of the UK

Episode 47: Halloween true ghost stories

Episode 51: Eleanor Wagnor and the Lady Ghostbusters

Episode 56: The Ancient Ram Inn