Much like the UAP Task Force report from June 25th 2021, our "other" bin includes our social media live streams as well as our appearances on other podcasts and radio shows.

Episode 25: News and Q&A live stream - 18th May 2021

Episode 45: Social Media Q&A live stream - 12th October 2021

Bonus Episode: Live stream Q&A - 20th Feb 2021

Bonus Episode: 401 Files live stream - 7th March 2021

Bonus Episode: Paranormal Pendle Podcast - 24th July 2021

Bonus Episode: Paranormal or What? Podcast - 16th Oct 2021

Bonus Episode: Radio Deeside Frequency Dip - 23rd Oct 2021

2021 - The Year in Review - 30th Dec 2021

Bonus Episode: Strange Recon Podcast - 24th Feb 2022

Bloopers - We don't always get it right! - 7th March 2022

Bonus Episode: New England Paranormal Researchers - 24th March 2022

Bonus Episode: Social Media Q&A live stream - 7th April 2022

Bonus Episode: UFO Thinker Podcast - 21st April 2022

May UAP Round Table with UFO Thinker - 29th May 2022

June UAP Round Table with UFO Thinker - 24th June 2022