Formed in late 2020 by four like-minded individuals who are working hard to bring a serious resource to the British media outlets on the discussion of UFO’s, UAP Media UK aim to become the central resource on the UAP subject for Britain's Members of Parliament, national & local media, as well as private & public organizations.

On their website, anybody can download a template letter to send to their local MP, encouraging discussion between our representatives in Government.

The guys behind UAP Media UK, namely Adam Goldsack, Dan Zetterstrom, Andy McGrillen and Dave Partridge have recently appeared on a number of popular podcasts including Somewhere In The Skies and Mystery Wire with George Knapp. Dave, who is also the creator of the "Shadow of Your Mind" magazine, was a guest on our podcast on 9th March 2021.

Make sure to check out their highly informative articles as well as keeping up to date with latest news and developments of their progress on their Twitter page @UAPMediaUK.

As the push for disclosure and #EndUAPSecrecy gains momentum in the following months, help play your part by supporting groups like UAP Media UK as they work hard doing what they can to get this subject taken seriously by our Government, and by our media outlets. Working together, our voices can be heard much louder, and we can get the information out there that this is a topic worthy of genuine scientific investigation, with the stigma and ridicule factor left far behind.