UFOs & Aliens

The UFOs topic is one of our bread and butter topics for the podcast, resulting in some of our most popular episodes as well as leading us to be nominated in the Best UFO Podcast category at the 2021 Paranormality Awards!

Have a look through the different areas of the UFO field we have discussed, as well as some of the names within the field we have interviewed below

Episode 3: Jason Guillemette on UFOs in Canada

Episode 5: An Alternative Rendlesham Forest Incident

Episode 8: John Edmonds, owner of Stardust Ranch

Episode 10: Dave Hodrien on alien abductions

Episode 11: When celebrities see UFOs

Episode 13: Alien life on Earth

Episode 14: Steve Yarwood on UFO history

Episode 15: Dave Partridge on UFOs in the media

Episode 17: Alien entities and organic UAPs

Episode 22: Talking aliens with Jo Wood

Episode 24: A lifetime of abduction part 1

Episode 26: UFO chat with the 'Aliens & Stuff' guys

Episode 30: Major Lori Rehfeldt on Rendlesham Forest

Episode 31: UFO news update with UAP Media UK

Episode 33: ICER announcement with Gary Heseltine

Episode 34: A lifetime of abduction part 2



Episode 35: 'A Space Apart' with director Richard Tomson

Episode 42: The Solway Firth Spaceman and mis-ID's 

Episode 49: UFO news update with Frank Jones

Episode 52: The Abduction Experience w/ Philip Kinsella

Episode 53: Beyond Pascagoula w/ Dr Irena Scott

Episode 57: When celebrities see UFOs Part 2

Episode 58: Alien & UFO representation in video games

Episode 59: Canadian UFOs with Chris Rutkowski

Episode 65 part 2: The Thunderbolt UFO crash

Episode 69: Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure documentary

Episode 74: Alien Abductions with UFO Identified 

Episode 75: Alien caught on camera in Redgate

Episode 76: UFOs & High Strangeness w/ Robbie Graham

Episode 77: A UFO encounter in Wales w/ Sacha Christie

Episode 80: Mike Covell - UFO & Paranormal Researcher

Episode 81: UFOs over Stockport with Nick Gadman Part 1